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Our mobile clean-in-place Recontainers are custom made for larger projects. Together with Preem Refineries in Sweden, we have developed a solution that is excellent for optimising media and processing systems (e.g. water or oil) but also for engine parts.

Recontainer 1 – CIP-cleaning

Examples of use: Evaporators, gas condensers, air coolers, larger pipe systems, larger premises networks and coil heaters.

This Recontainer is used to optimise and clean larger systems, internally. It contains a 5m3 large tank with 27kW electric heat/ steam heat. The 55kW circulation pump has a flow of 6m3/m. It is equipped with frequency control and reversing equipment with 4” coupling.

Recontainer 2 – Cleaning Container

Examples of use: Bolts, nuts, tools, engine parts and valves.

With the cleaning container, we can efficiently clean engine parts with environmentally friendly chemicals. This enables a quick re-installation of your processing systems. The Recontainer contains six chemical tanks and two rinsing tanks, with circulation and heat. The tanks have an elaborate basket system with a lifting device to facilitate the work.

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