Smart industrial cleaning

We will clean and energy-optimise your facility so that your systems function as originally intended.

We always begin each assignment with a pilot study and analysis before designing treatment specifically tailored to your equipment. We then clean your systems, reduce emissions from your facility and revitalise your business. Efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable, from small systems to entire plants.

Chemical cleaning

We minimise the need to dismantle equipment and perform mechanical cleaning; instead, our proprietary pumping system rinses with green chemicals specifically adapted to each requirement. This makes maintenance quick and provides better results than traditional methods.
Our Clean-in-Place system minimises the need for disassembly and mechanical cleaning. We arrive at your facility with everything we need to do an effective job as quickly as possible, with minimum downtime. The maintenance conducted will be extremely cost effective and your equipment will be restored to optimum efficiency.
Recond Concept - recontainer.
Recond Concept’s enormous bath is ideal for chemically cleaning large plant such as heat exchangers.
Recontainer is a mobile clean-in-place facility that is connected to your systems on site.
Our container with a range of baths specially adapted to cleaning smaller components.
Our Descale™ pumps are powerful enough to clean enormous systems.

Components suited to chemical cleaning:

  • heat exchangers
  • cooling coils, both internally and externally
  • cooling towers
  • compressors
  • pipes
  • evaporators
  • hot water boilers
  • oil preheaters
  • machine parts such as valves, nuts and bolts

Water treatment

Cooling and other water systems run the risk of legionella and other bacterial growth, corrosion and air leaking into the system, all of which are important to control. Our method keeps the water clean and maintains the system’s functionality and efficiency.

Components suited for water cleaning treatment:

  • hot water boilers
  • cooling systems
  • cooling towers
  • heating systems
  • boilers
We also supply:

Particle filters

  • Sand filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Bag filters

Ion exchange filters

  • Water softeners
  • Desalination filters

Membrane filtration

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultra Filter
Nils-Erik Jonasson, vd på RecondConcept, kan anlitas för konsultation och utbildning inom industriell energioptimering.
The services of Nils-Erik Jonasson, Recond Concept’s CEO, are available for consultancy and training in industrial energy optimisation.


We act as a consulting partner for industrial cleaning and energy optimisation. Our wealth of experience contributes financial savings, energy efficiency and environmental benefits.


We train your employees to maintain systems and plant using our techniques. We cover machinery, chemical techniques and operation, both theoretical and practical, on your premises.
  • Machines
  • Chemical techniques
  • Operation