Recond Concept is a comprehensive concept of improvement based on the removal of pollutions in energy transmitting systems.

RecondConcept involves a holistic approach that starts with an analysis of the system. Thereafter, a suitable treatment is compiled to optimize the system using chemical cleaning with environmentally friendly chemicals. After completion of cleaning, we offer water treatment in order to maintain efficiency for a long time and help the client to maintain control over the system.

Air cooling units at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Oljevärmeväxlare på Preem raffinaderier.

Oil heat exchangers at Preem refineries.





Recond Concept saves us €4,000 in energy costs, and 13.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions – per day!Sune Karlsson, Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Fortum saves over $100 million per year by using Recond Concept’s technology.Fortum Energy Corporation

Our reconditioning model is revolutionary and will substantially improve your facility’s processing system as a whole.

Recond Concept delivers a complete solution of improvement that uses organic chemicals for reconditioning. This is far superior to the standardized maintenance alternatives and also 100 % environmentally friendly.

There is no need to disassemble the processing system. No more slow and expensive interruptions of the production. Instead, Recond ­Concept provides a comprehensive solution – the organic chemicals, the machines and the competence – for a fast and effective reconditioning of the entire system, back to its optimal efficiency.

Recond Concept is a green and profitable solution. Our model will drastically minimize the energy costs and substantially reduce the ­emissions of carbon dioxide.


    Recond Concept creates an energy saving that will increase your profit.


    Recond Concept delivers a solution that is good for the environment and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide.

    WIN #3: TIME

    Recond Concept delivers significant time savings.


    Recond Concept offers an innovative technology that optimizes the process and secures the production.

    Recond Concept offers a comprehensive approach to improvement of the processing facility.


    Already at a millimeter thick coating, in a processing system or energy transmitting unit, a substantial loss of energy and increased emissions of CO2 are created.

    All processing facilities are familiar with these problems. The longer the systems have been in use – pollution increases, leading to a greater loss of energy. With Recond Concept the processing systems will be optimized back to original capacity. This will lead to a number of important and immediate gains – reduced energy costs, less pollution, a more stable and reliable processing system, and an increased lifespan of the facility – and that is what Recond Concept provides with it’s concept of improvement.

    Recond Concept – a comprehensive concept of improvement!


    Recond Concept is utilizing a simple, effective and revolutionary technology. A mixture of green chemicals – with unique compounds to optimally improve each unique processing system – the system is reconditioned with speed and supreme efficiency. The chemical compound is circulated in the system using external machines, which connect fast and easy. The complete reconditioning takes place very quickly, with immediate profits from Recond Concept.