Working method

Industrial maintenance in a new way

Our method is developed by Nils-Erik Jonasson, who has worked in the energy industry since 1981. 25 years ago, he investigated industrial maintenance systems within the energy company Fortum with the aim of streamlining the work. That's how the Recond Concept was born.

RecondConcept minimizes the need for dismantling and mechanical cleaning.

Previously, the options were dismantling with costly downtime as a result, or mechanical cleaning with brushes as well as flushing with chemicals that damaged or even destroyed the equipment. Our method changes all that. We offer a better result – faster.

RecondConcept minimizes the need for dismantling and mechanical cleaning. Instead, our proprietary pumps rinse the system with green chemicals specially adapted to each need, without wear and tear or damage. After the treatment, we carefully test the plant and can, if necessary, take care of all residual products. We also offer water treatment and bacteria control to maintain the efficiency and environmental benefits of the systems. It is industrial maintenance in a new way – efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable.

RecondConcept was founded in 2009 and Nils-Erik Jonasson has been CEO since the start. Today, we have assignments all over the world in, among other things, the paper and pulp, energy and oil industries.

Industriell rengöring - RecondConcept.
On assignment for Preem
Recond Concept - recontainer.

Cleaning bath
Cleaning bath Recond Concept's large bath is ideal for chemical cleaning of large heat exchangers.

Kemiskt rengöringsbad - Recond Concept

On assignment
Chemical cleaning of machine components in our large bath.

Descale pumpar - Recond Concept.

Powerful pumps
Powerful pumps Our 55 kW Descale™ pump delivers a flow of 6 kbm per minute.


Before Heat exchanger before cleaning.


Heat exchanger after cleaning.

Bild på värmeväxlare före rengöringBild på värmeväxlare efter rengöring

Before and after


We restore your equipment to optimal power, reducing energy consumption and increasing service life. Click and drag the image to see the difference.
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