Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers

We clean and optimize your systems to ensure they function as intended from the beginning.

We commence each project with a preliminary study and analysis, followed by designing a customized treatment for your specific equipment. We clean your systems, reduce emissions from your facility, and revitalize your operations. Our approach is efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable. We cater to small systems as well as entire facilities.

Chemical cleaning with Recontainer

Chemical cleaning

We minimize the need for disassembly and mechanical cleaning. Instead, our self-developed pumps flush the system with green chemicals specifically tailored to each requirement. This approach makes maintenance work faster and yields better results than traditional methods.


Our mobile Clean-in-Place system minimizes the need for disassembly and mechanical cleaning. We come to your facility equipped with everything necessary for efficient work and minimal downtime. Maintenance becomes highly cost-effective, and your equipment is restored to optimal efficiency.

Recond Concept - recontainer.

Recond Concepts' large baths are ideal for chemical cleaning of large heat exchangers.


Recontainer is a mobile Clean-in-Place facility that connects to your systems on-site in your facility.


Our container contains various baths specifically designed for cleaning smaller components.


Our Descale™ pumps are powerful enough to clean even the largest systems.

Suitable objects for chemical cleaning:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Cooling coils, both internal and external
  • Cooling towers
  • Compressors
  • Piping systems
  • Evaporators
  • Hot water boilers
  • Oil preheaters
  • Machine parts, such as bolts, nuts, and valves

Heat exchangers and other systems

Cooling and ventilation systems contribute to a safe and secure working environment. However, these systems can be quite costly. The larger the operation, the higher the power requirements, and consequently, the costs escalate.

In industrial settings, it is common to encounter larger amounts of dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants. These elements negatively impact heat exchangers and other systems, resulting in reduced efficiency and increased costs.

How does your business fare in this regard? Through our chemical cleaning services for heat exchangers, we can help improve your working environment while significantly reducing energy costs. We cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers on-site at our facilities.

When it comes to chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, we work methodically and efficiently, aiming to quickly get your production up and running again. Cleaning of heating systems is a crucial part of maintenance, and we are a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient partner for this task. Our technology offers significant advantages. Firstly, we handle everything on-site, eliminating the need for system disassembly. We can clean heat exchangers without taking them apart.

We utilize machines that provide enhanced efficiency when cleaning heating systems. These machines, combined with the products we use, deliver safe and long-lasting results. For larger heat exchangers, we employ a specialized method that involves the use of a larger bath for a more thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

The outdated practice of manual dismantling and brushing for cleaning is a thing of the past. These methods are time-consuming, can damage the systems, and offer no guarantee that all scale deposits, oil, microorganisms, or corrosion products are completely removed. By choosing us for chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, you can be assured that your systems will resist the effects of time, deliver increased efficiency, and significantly reduce energy costs. We contribute to improved profitability!

After completing the cleaning process, we are present when your heating systems are restarted. We conduct tests to ensure that everything functions according to the set goals. This step is crucial. Through thorough follow-up and precise testing, we eliminate the operational disruptions that can occur after cleaning. We ensure efficiency and leave your facility with properly functioning systems.

Environmentally focused chemical cleaning of heat exchangers

All our services are connected by a common thread: we take responsibility for the environment and climate. We continuously develop methods to reduce our own environmental footprint and strive to be at the forefront of these incredibly important issues.

Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers is no exception to this. We always ensure recycling and proper disposal of the contaminants, such as oil, found in the systems. These are taken to recycling facilities in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Furthermore, environmental considerations are integrated into all aspects of our company. With a well-developed environmental policy, every employee knows how to handle various materials and processes. It becomes second nature. Additionally, we carefully plan all our projects to provide you, as the client, with efficient services and to minimize unnecessary travel.

We prioritize the environment, and many of the services we offer have the added benefit of significantly reducing emissions, such as carbon dioxide, in the operations we are hired to clean.

Nils-Erik Jonasson, vd på RecondConcept, kan anlitas för konsultation och utbildning inom industriell energioptimering.

Nils-Erik Jonasson, CEO of Recond Concept, can be hired for consultation and training in industrial energy optimization.


We are an advisory partner when it comes to cleaning and energy optimization in the industrial sector. Our experience contributes to cost savings, streamlining processes, and environmental benefits.


We train your employees so that they can maintain systems and facilities using our technology. We cover machine operations, chemical techniques, and handling, both theoretically and practically, on-site at your location.

  • Machines
  • Chemical techniques
  • Handling