PFAS cleaning

What is PFAS?

Vad är PFAS?

PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, is a group of chemicals used in many different products, including fire-fighting foam, water-resistant coatings, and various consumer goods. PFAS are highly resistant to degradation and can remain in the environment for many years. They can also be transported long distances through air, water, and soil.

PFAS can affect the health of humans and animals in various ways. Some studies have shown that certain types of PFAS can cause hormone disruptions, immune system impacts, and reproductive problems in animals. While there is some evidence that certain PFAS can cause health problems in humans, there is still much that is not clear about how these chemicals affect human health.

When it comes to cleaning tanks that have PFAS, there is no simple solution. Because PFAS are highly resistant to degradation, they can be difficult to remove completely. One method often used to clean tanks and other areas that have been contaminated with PFAS is to dig up the soil and replace it with clean soil. However, this can be very costly and not always feasible. Other methods used to clean areas contaminated with PFAS include using acidifying agents to help break down PFAS, and using various techniques to absorb and remove PFAS from soil and water.

RecondConcept has developed a new method for cleaning fire foam tanks containing PFAS.

Kan vi hjälpa dig?

Can we help you?

At RecondConcept, we can help with cleaning PFAS in tanks by using various methods and techniques. One method we often use is chemical cleaning, where we introduce specific cleaning agents into the tank that can help dissolve and remove PFAS and other pollutants.

We at RecondConcept have many years of experience in cleaning tanks and have the knowledge and tools required to perform an effective and safe cleaning. We work closely with our customers to find the best solution for their specific needs and circumstances.