About Recond Concept

The company was formed in May 2009. CEO is Nils-Erik Jonasson who together with Carina Jonasson owns the company. The idea and concept, RecondConcept, was founded in the energy company Fortum by Nils-Erik, who has worked in the energy industry since 1981.

In 2006, RecondConcept won the Large Productivity Prize, which was presented by the National Association of Swedish Maintenance at Underhållsmässan (a large maintenance exhibition) in Gothenburg.

RecondConcept involves a holistic approach that starts with an analysis of the system. Thereafter a suitable treatment is compiled to optimize the system using chemical cleaning with environmentally friendly chemicals. After completion of cleaning, we can also treat the water in order to maintain efficiency for a long time and help the client to maintain control over the system.

We have a long experience and special expertise in energy optimization and operates in industries such as refineries, energy, real estate, paper and pulp and the marine branch.

Descale Sweden AB (www.descale.se) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RecondConcept that manufactures custom made patented pumps and tanks to the concept.